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Klean-X is Haiti’s Premier Cleaning Company, providing professional cleaning services to ensure a flawless and sparkling home or business. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, or industrial, Klean-X offers customized cleaning solutions tailored specifically to a client’s wants and needs.You should never feel unclean, so call or email Klean-X today.

Customized Cleaning Services include:

  • Anti-Bacterial Floor and Surfaces Wash
  • Furniture Cleaning and Polish
  • Marble and Ceramic Polishing and Repair
  • Window Cleaning (including high-rise)
  • Wash and Polish of Industrial Machinery
  • Ceramic Fixture and Septic Tank installations
  • Anti-Allergins and Anti-Toxin Flush
  • Painting and Maintenance Touch-ups
  • Import and Installation of Custom Home and Office Finishings, including Windows, Doors, and Gates (electric and manual)
  • Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance